Thematic Sourcing Meets an Operational Approach to Value Creation

At NexPhase, we participate in opportunities where we believe we can add meaningful value that promotes growth beyond what a company could achieve on its own.

We leverage our thematically-led and operationally-focused sub-sector insights to evaluate each investment we source, allowing us to make informed decisions for the long-term. We fully involve the investment and operating professionals from the beginning, integrating industry-specific expertise into this comprehensive approach.


  • 5% – 25%+ organic growth rate, with potential to accelerate
  • EBITDA up to $30MM
  • Strong organic growth within the company and sector
  • High capital efficiency as measured by a minimum 25% return on net tangible assets
  • Leading player in a growing market segment within a defensible niche
  • Potential for build-up opportunities in fragmented industries

Investment Strategy and Approach:

Target control buyouts in leading lower middle market, growth-oriented companies

Apply a disciplined and refined investment screening process across all opportunities

Drive transformative value through a systematic application of the NPC Value Creation Playbook