Playing to Win: Thoughtful Investors and Experienced Operators

Our cohesive team consists of 18 investment professionals and 14 operating executives who are fully integrated into the NexPhase investment process. Together, we pair skilled executive and operating resources with lower-middle market businesses to create value.

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Investment Team

Ted Yun

Managing Partner

Kurt Larsen

Founding Partner

Jamie Kaufman


Andy Kieffer


Joel Killion


Bob Gartland


Lex Leeming

Partner & Head of Business Development

Chip Robie


Alan Rogers


Jordan Zauderer

Vice President

Quint Carr

Vice President

Ariana Scotti

Vice President of Investor Relations

Matt Boylan

Senior Associate

Bob Carey


George Koulouris


Jenny Scherl


Jeffrey Fung


Heather Kim


Fund Administration

Andrew Goldfarb

Chief Financial Officer

Bobby Narvaez

Vice President of Finance and Operations

Boyi Dong

Assistant Controller

Rebecca Aguilar

Executive Assistant

April Huff

Executive Assistant

Operating Partners

Doug Corbett

Operating Partner

Barbara Hill

Operating Partner

Stephen Hoffman

Operating Partner

Mike Roe

Operating Partner

Executive Advisory Board

Farzan Bharucha

Strategic Planning

Cameron Burr

Sales & Business Development

Michael Johnson

Digital Marketing

Anthony López

Strategy & Leadership

Joe Morgan

Strategy & Leadership

Don Nickleson

Strategy & Business Development

Ann Rhoades

Human Capital

Jon Slangerup

Leadership; Sales; Operations

Micah Valine

Financial Planning & Analysis

Bob Waldron

Strategy & Commercial Operations

*The operating professionals referenced herein are not employees of NexPhase, but are third-party consultants expected to be compensated by NexPhase-sponsored funds and their portfolio companies. Such compensation is not expected to offset any management fees paid to NexPhase by NexPhase sponsored funds.