Maximizing Value

With each of our partner companies, we seek to unlock their intrinsic value through the systematic application of the NexPhase Value Creation Playbook. This process begins during due diligence when we identify specific, actionable enhancement initiatives which form the basis of the post-close strategic plan.

Our experienced investment and operating professionals bring targeted domain and functional expertise to drive these enhancements, which typically consists of four interrelated efforts:


Our value creation approach begins with strategic planning to identify growth opportunities and the resources needed to capture these opportunities and support continued growth. Investments include upgrading IT systems and reporting processes, developing key metrics for measuring company performance, building out the senior management team and designing compensation plans that reward success.


Through investments in marketing, sales execution and new product innovation, we seek to both drive revenue growth and increasing each business’ total addressable market opportunity.


We seek to enhance margins by improving operational efficiency and by identifying excess costs throughout the supply chain.  Improved profitability provides the fuel to support continued investments in growth opportunities


In tandem with NPC’s dedicated business development effort, we seek out acquisitions that can further strategic goals, from tuck-in acquisitions that increase market share to transformative acquisitions which can broaden a company’s product set or market opportunity.